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Robert Bogdan
Robert Bogdan, Ph.D.
Professor of Cultural Foundations of Education and Sociology
Director of the Social Science Doctoral Program

Professor Bogdan is well known for his work in qualitative research methods and has written numerous articles and books on subjects related to methodology. His books, Introduction to Qualitative Research (3rd edition 1998 with S. Taylor) and Qualitative Research for Education (3rd edition in 1998 with S. Biklen) are widely used graduate texts. Bogdan's research is wide ranging and includes research on life histories of former residents of institutions for mentally retarded people, school inclusion, communication on neonatal wards, the wilderness, and visual depictions of disability in popular culture. He has published extensively on a large variety of topics and often gives workshops and lectures on qualitative research and Disability Studies here and abroad. His book, Freak Show, a social history of the practive of exhibiting people for amusement and profit, was heralded as an important contribution to the relatively new field of Disability Studies. His newest book, Exposing the Wilderness (1999), looks at early 20th century Adirondack photographers and their depictions of the wilderness. Bogdan is active in a number of professional organizations and on the editorial boards of numerous journals.