CAS in Disability Studies

The Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) program is a 15 credit hour graduate degree in Disability Studies and related areas. The CAS program is ideally suited for students who want to demonstrate that they can teach, conduct research, or work in the area of disability studies as well as other fields (e.g., Special Education, Rehabilitation Counseling, the Social Sciences).

You do not need to be enrolled in a graduate degree program at SU to enroll in the CAS in Disability Studies. The CAS is designed to provide career enhancement opportunities to non-degree program students.

Program of Study

Each student admitted into the CAS program in Disability Studies will develop a written program of study, in consultation with an academic advisor in the department of Cultural Foundations of Education. The program of study must be completed within 5 semesters, or 6semesters under exceptional circumstances. All credits for the CAS must be earned at Syracuse University.

The program of study must include:

  • 15 credit hours as approved by the student’s advisor
  • All credits must be taken at Syracuse University
  • At least 9 credits (3 classes) must be DSP courses
  • A CAS exam

Upon completion of the program, students receive the CAS at Syracuse University’s graduation.

The purpose of the CAS is not to provide you with professional certification. Other programs at Syracuse offer professional certification in disability-related fields. The purpose of this program is to give you the intellectual and methodological tools to enable you to play a leadership role in disability research, policy, and practice at a broad range of public and private organizations.

Although the CAS is not designed to prepare students to perform clinical roles in education, rehabilitation, and related fields, students may choose to acquire general knowledge of one or more areas of clinical or instructional practice. The School of Education offers courses and programs in a range of areas including inclusive and special education, school counseling, and  instructional technology.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit the Gainful Employment website.

For more information

For information on graduate Disability Studies (including the CAS in Disability Studies) or general questions about the program, please contact professor Alan Foley at or 315-443-5087.