Undergraduate Minor In Disability Studies

The minor is an 18 credit requirement, with 12 credits in Disability Studies courses and 6 credits in electives. At least 12 credits must be taken in 300 level or above courses. Courses must be approved by the student’s advisor in Disability Studies. Courses in the minor may be able to be used to fulfill requirements in students’ home schools and colleges, at their discretion. A 2.8 grade point average is required for admission to the minor in Disability Studies. Although the minor is offered through the School of Education, it is open to any undergraduate students at Syracuse University.

FAQ about the Minor in Disability Studies at Syracuse University

Sample undergraduate courses in Disability Studies include:

  • DSP 200: Introduction to Disability Studies
  • DSP/SOC/WSP 432: Gender and Disability
  • DSP/SOC/WSP 438: Disability & Popular Culture
  • DSP/SOC 426 Representations of Ability & Disability
  • DSP/SOC 440 Sociology of Disability
  • DSP/SPE 357 Deafness and Disability

For more information on Undergraduate Disability Studies at SU

For information on the undergraduate minor in Disability Studies, please contact professor Mike Gill at mcgill@syr.edu or  315-443-9074.