The Legacy Fund: Supporting Students

Acknowledging a kind inaugural gift from the late Professor Steven J. Taylor, The Legacy Fund for Disability Studies and Human Policy was created to support the groundbreaking research, policy and activism that come from both Disability Studies and The Center on Human Policy at Syracuse University. The fund sponsors lectures, academic and policy conferences, students presenting at conferences, faculty developing courses, faculty and student research, and student-initiated projects from both undergraduate and graduate disability student groups.

This year a limited amount of funding has been made available to support student travel expenses for presentations at the meetings of the Society for Disability Studies (SDS) annual conference in Atlanta, the Second City Disability Studies in Education (DSE) Conference in Chicago, and the American Educational Research Association’s (AERA) 2015 Annual Meeting, also in Chicago.

Supported presentations include:

  • “Continuity and Difference: The Tensions of Disability and Education in Post-Colonial Kenya”
  • “Ramping it Up: Calling Attention to Dis/ability at the End of Education’s Social Contract”
  • “Understanding the Dynamics of Poverty and Disability in South African Township Schools”
  • “The Collision of Disability and Educational Rights in an Indigenous Context”
  • “A Recipe for Success: Active Ingredients of Presuming Competence”
  • “When Letters and Phone Calls Get Lost in the Shuffle… Disability Activism Turns to Video”
  • “Accountability for Inclusion: Critical Disability Studies as a Point of Resistance”
  • “Communication [Still] Under Fire: The Role of Disability Studies in Education in the Fight for Communication Access, Equity and Choice”
  • “The Wizard Behind the Curtain: Understanding the Teaching Experiences of Graduate Teaching Assistants With Disabilities”
  • “To What Extent Is Universal Design for Learning ‘Universal’? A Case Study in Township Special Education Schools in South Africa

Also scheduled during these conferences are events documenting the impact of Steve Taylor’s work, particularly around his book on conscientious objectors, his earlier work on deinstitutionalization, and his commitment to social justice and advocacy within the academy. These sessions will be convened by people whose work encompasses similar topics, who were also influenced by him, and will also offer an opportunity to reflect on how he has impacted the Disability Studies community.  Taylor received the Senior Scholar Award from SDS in 2008, and served on the SDS Board in 2005-2006.