Dr. Jessica Bacon is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Early Childhood, Literacy and Special Education at Montclair State University, where she teaches classes on inclusive education and disability studies.  Prior to her arrival at Montclair State University, Dr. Bacon spent three years as an Assistant Professor of Special Education at Lehman College, City University of New York. Dr. Bacon received her Ph.D. in Special Education from Syracuse University in 2012. Dr. Bacon’s dissertation and recent publications have investigated the impact of the standards-based reform movement on special and inclusive education. Her investigation of standards-based reform is part of a larger research agenda, which focuses on critical and intersectional examinations of inclusive and special education systems through a disability studies perspective. She has integrated her research and service commitments by collaborating with community members who are parent-advocates, self-advocates, teachers, and students with disabilities in order to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities within schooling and community systems.

The Impact of Standards-Based Reform on Special Education: An Exploration of Westvale Elementary School.

Dr. Jessica K. Bacon
Dr. Jessica K. Bacon

Recent Presentations

  • Bacon, J. (April, 2015). Understanding Special Education and Standards-Based Reform as Biopolitical Systems. Foucault and Education SIG. American Educational Research Chicago, IL.
  • Bacon, J. (April, 2015). The Irony of School “Choice” in the New York City High School Application Process: A Systemic Interrogation of Inclusion. 2nd City Disability Studies in Education Conference. Chicago, IL.
  • Bacon, J. (December, 2014). The impact of standards-based reform on special education in urban high schools. TASH Annual Conference. Washington DC.

Recent Publications

  • Bacon, J. (2015). The impact of standards-based reform on special education and the creation of the ‘dividual. Critical Studies in Education, 56(3), 366-383.
  • Bacon, J. & Ferri, B. (2013). The impact of standards-based reform on special education: Applying Brantliger’s critique of “hierarchical” ideologies. The International Journal of Inclusive Education, 17(12), 1312-1325.
  • Cowley, D. & Bacon, J. (2013). Self-determination in schools: Reconstructing the concept through a disability studies framework. Power Play: A Journal of Educational Justice, 5(1), 463-489.
  • Bacon, J. & Causton-Theoharis, J. (2012). “It should be teamwork:” An investigation of school practices and parent advocacy in special education. The International Journal of Inclusive Education, 17(7), 682-699.

Grant Funded Awards

  • Bacon (2014). Understanding special education and standards-based reform in urban high schools. PSC-CUNY Research Grant.
  • Bacon & G. Bayne (co-PI’s) and O. Athayde, L. Roberts, S. Levey, M. Parra, & A. Rothstein, (2013). Culturally Relevant Teaching and Universal Design for Learning. Diversity Projects Development Fund Award.
  • Rothstein (PI) and J. Bacon, Bayne, O, Athayde, L. Roberts, S. Levey, M. & Parra, (2013). Diversity Development in Teaching Seminar Grant. Bringing Theory to Practice (AAC&U) Seminar Grant.

Teaching Experience/ Sample Courses Taught

Assistant Professor. Montclair State University (June 2015- Present)

  • ECSE 502: The Sociocultural Context of Disability and Inclusive Education
  • ECSE 439 & 539: Pedagogy in Inclusive Elementary Education
  • ECSE 520: Research in Inclusive Early Childhood & Elementary Education

Assistant Professor. Lehman College, CUNY (August, 2012- May, 2015)

  • EDS 701: Understanding Individuals with Disabilities
  • EDS 709: Curriculum and Instructional Practices for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Childhood Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Settings
  • EDS 710: Practicum in Curriculum and Instructional Practices for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Childhood Students with Disabilities
  • EDS 719/ 720: Student Teaching/ Student Teaching Seminar of Diverse Learners with Disabilities

Adjunct Professor. Nazareth College.  (August, 2009- May 2011)

  • EDU 520: Teacher-Researcher, Learner & Inquiry

Syracuse University. Instructor/ Co-Instructor/ Teaching Assistant (August, 2008- May, 2012)

  • EDU 203: Introduction to Elementary & Special Education (Instructor)
  • EED 308: Strategies of teaching for Inclusive Education (Instructor)
  • EDU 201: Practicum in inclusive Pre-K (Instructor)