Academic Programs in Disability Studies

This is a listing of Academic Programs in Disability Studies in North American colleges and universities. The title “Disability Studies” is broadly used, and is sometimes used to refer to programs in clinical or instructional fields. This listing does not include research or training centers that do not offer formal academic programs. The programs in this listing meet the following criteria:

  1. The sponsoring university offers a four-year undergraduate degree or Master’s or doctoral degrees:
  2. The programs offer a formal academic program, including a degree, concentration, specialization, minor, major, or certificate in Disability Studies;
  3. The programs include disability course work in non-clinical and non-instructional fields (e.g., the Humanities, Social Sciences, Literature, Law, Policy Studies, or the Visual or Performing Arts); and
  4. Information describing the programs can be found in written form or on a university web site.

Updated November, 2016

compiled and maintained by: Rachael Zubal-Ruggieri